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With so many streaming services and many new movies and series available to watch, it can be very complicated to find something worthy to watch. You get tired of scrolling up and down on Netflix page, trying to find a wonderful film you have not yet discovered or a new TV series you have not binged. There are some typical lists on every streaming provider that you have already been browsing and there is nothing new for you to discover. After hours of searching, you are still wondering: what should I watch? Well, this page is what you are looking for: A perfect guide with more than 1500 daily-updated movies and series lists.

We know that everyone loves top lists. We at are no different, as our love for top-lists is bigger than most. What's different with ours is we focus on providing top lists with only great content, free to use, and no advertisements! We have collected all the critics' suggested film and TV shows lists in one place with links to where to stream each masterpiece online. Streaming online could have not been easier! and you do not even need to be signed in to use this service!

Many of the top lists like the Best Movies of All-Time feature titles that are a must-watch for anybody, the most acclaimed movies ever. Of course, we have a TV series list with the best series and shows with titles that are binge-watching worthy and the long runners.

Then go to the Best Movies and TV series through the years. The best new films from 2020, and the ones from 2019, 2018, and so on. These go all the way through the century! Likewise, our TV shows are just as well split up in the greatest TV programs through years and decades.

In case you might have been binging all the newest and most popular series and TV shows, we have collected a ton of cool lists with the under-the-radar and look-over movies that are well worth checking out. From Top Underrated Movies of the 2000s to the Great Movies No One Talks About. The indie titles do not get the Oscar or Golden Globe nominations and nods, with the spotlight being block-out by the huge blockbusters.

In a similar manner, if you think you have seen all good TV shows and series, think again! We have an equally good category for series you might have missed. You will certainly find a series you have never heard of before. So, go check them out and find a new favorite!

Interested in checking out movies from other countries? We have dozens of lists with hundreds of titles with the best of the best from countries like India with the best of Bollywood, the best movies from France, best of Poland, the best movies ever from Japanese cinema, top movies from Finland, or the greatest of Iran. Just spin the globe and put your finger on it, the country you poke will have many lists filled with good movies!

Without a director or actors, not much of a movie. Neither would we have the cool lists of famous actors and directors' favorite movies. Check out directors and actors like Ingmar Bergman, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Nicolas Cage, or British funnyman Richard Ayoade's favorite movies!

Likewise, we have over a hundred lists with the filmmakers and actors' best movies. It is a great tool if you get somewhat of an obsession with an actor or director and want to really dive into their career and filmography! Check out Federico Fellini's surreal Italian movies, Wes Anderson's charming movies, or the vast library of titles with Tom Cruise!

Directors themselves also send us their favorite movies and series for our Interviews. We interviewed some creative directors, musicians, actors, scriptwriters, and in general those who understand movie and cinema well to provide you with more personal recommendations from their stories and how they became filmmakers! Learn why they like some of the movies or series others do not and get inspired! These lists are in no specific order so you can sort and filter each list as you favor and get linked to stream your new favorite movie or program on reliable streaming services online.

Consider yourself more of a cineaste? With a bigger interest in movies and cinema? We feature lists with more niche themes, such as The 49 Best Uses of Songs in Movies, Top 99 Art House Movies, and even 8 Movies Aspiring Screenwriters Should Watch When Studying Character Development. Maybe you will give a credit on your first movie!

We work with providing the latest seasons, episodes, and movies the moment they come out. That is why many of our lists are updated daily. The most popular titles on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime, and other streaming services receive daily updates with the latest and greatest Drama, Action, Comedy, Documentaries, and everything else. We never miss a beat!

You can use the play links for quick access to their streaming page and stream on the legal website online! All the latest and greatest movies and TV series are just one click away in one place.

There is hard work behind making great lists with only good content, constantly updating them, and coming up with good ideas for new ones. has a group of movie lovers that are experts in creating a film or series list for every topic with the main focus on titles that are usually ignored by mainstream media. We try to put the spotlight on those who have not fair shares on the screen, such as women filmmakers, LGBTQ movies and shows, African cinema, and more tasteful topics such as Summer Movies of All Time and Where to Stream them Online for hot summer days!

If you are mainly a Horror freak, Sci-fi head, Documentary addict, or prefer Romance and Drama, you can find hundreds of top lists for all main film genres. covers all the bases, some you might not even think about. Check out up-to-date lists of the Best Horror Movies of 2020, The Scariest Horror TV Series of All Time, Best Drama Movies of 2020, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Series Coming in 2020, The Best Horror Series of All Time & Where to Watch Them and The Best Documentaries Ever & Where to Watch Them. Even we have top lists for Animation and anime lovers!

However, in case you do not know your taste by genre, but you love a specific movie or show and want to watch something similar, or if you think that you have seen it all and don't know where to go from here, helps you with the biggest question of all time: what to watch next? We have covered many great shows and films such as Similar Movies to Watch If You Liked "Us", Similar Horror Movies to Watch if you liked "A Quiet Place", Great Series Like "Game of Thrones" that "Thronees" should Watch, and many more.

We have more than 1500 top lists and the number is growing every single day. Ranging from David Lynch's Favorite Movies, The Best Underrated or Overlooked Series, Best Drama Movies of The Year, lists with all the Oscar winners, Emmy winner, Golden Globe, dozens of the Best Documentaries of the 2020s, the coolest action movies, and funniest comedies and more.

Finally, if you want to create your own top list of movies or series, or just simply want to collect everything you have watched and share it with your friends or the world on Facebook, Instagram, or in a private message, there is are "Create" button on top of the page that helps you to create your list. has more than 1500 top lists that help you find something great to watch in a click!

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