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Giuseppe Cristiano's Personal Favourite Movies

Giuseppe Cristiano's Personal Favourite Movies

Former comic artist and scriptwriter, Giuseppe Cristiano is an internationally famous storyboard artist with more than twenty years of knowledge in working with many advertising agencies. He also has broad experience in live-performing arts, animation, games production such as on the fantasy, tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, Mad Max: Fury Road, Spider-Man and The Walking Dead (Videogames), film and series production with pioneering directors like Jonas Åkerlund and Johan Renck, as well as on the TV series CSI: NY and Six Feet Under, music video production for Radiohead, Madonna, Moby, Roxette, and many others. He has worked with prestigious artists like Hoyte Van Hoytema (director of photography for Interstellar, Her, The Fighter). He opened a storyboard school in Stockholm in 1998, and since, he has published many books in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Swedish, some of which are being used in universities and film schools worldwide including The Storyboard Artist, Il Visualizer, and Storyboard - Disegnare sceneggiature per registi, creativi e produttori. In Sweden, he has been teaching and holding workshops at Dramatiska, Bergs, Medieskolan, Forsbergs, Konstfack, Karlstad University. As a part of our interview collection with movie and series lovers, FILMANDTV asked him to name his favorite movies and/or series. Giuseppe Cristiano says that although he makes daily lists for work, things to do, people to contact, ongoing projects, etc, at the end of the day he finds himself often unable to pick up a movie to watch before going to bed. He believes making a favorite film list is very difficult and almost impossible and mentions: "One should have several criteria (genre, by decade, style, etc) but still, the list would become very very long. I am going to pick up some of my favorites and explain why in a few lines but mind that it's probably the hardest thing I will do today that is because in my collection I have more than 20 thousand titles." He adds: "I have been quite random with this little selection. There are hundreds more that I could pick.” Here is a list of Giuseppe Cristiano's Personal Favourite Movies with links to where to watch online. You can read the full interview with more details on FILMANDTV weblog in the link below:
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