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Best Summer Movies of All Time and Where to Stream them Online (2020)

Best Summer Movies of All Time and Where to Stream them Online (2020)

Summer is a season, a time for vacation and rest, but most of all it is a feeling. Thinking of summer can invoke an ethereal and fleeting feeling, a time where everything is possible. A childlike mindset where time does not exist. Just friends, an exhaustive heat-wave and blinding sunshine. Below we have put gather the best movies were summertime has a more significant presence, almost like it is playing the role of either the antagonist or the protagonist. A summer movie does not have to be a feelgood flick, which might be your first thought. A good summer movie is more than that which we will prove to you with the movies we have picked for this list. A so-called summer fling can make the season exciting and sweep your heart up in a whirlwind of feeling, as seen in the modern coming-of-age movie "Call Me By Your Name". During a brief time in the northern part of Italy, Elio and Oliver become lovers. What differs this movie from others, there is no tragedy or antagonist, just pure growth. The last day of high-school and the first day of summer, the most important day of the year, is portrayed in Richard Linklater's "Dazed and Confused", depicting the uncertainty of the future and all those oh, so precious moments they will never forget. Meanwhile, George Lucas' "American Graffiti" sets out to show the opposite. The last night of high-school summer vacation before leaving for college on the other side of the country, spending one last evening with their childhood friends. The romantic summer getaway is beautifully depicted in Bergman's "Summer with Monika", an early international success, which would also serve as a breakthrough for Harriet Andersson playing the title role. The movie is filled with dreamlike scenes of the Stockholm archipelago, where the couple takes refuge all through the summer months. Although the movie does not technically take place during summer vacation, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" contains all the necessary elements of being a great summer movie. First of all, Ferris decides to skip school that day and convinces his friend and girlfriend to follow. Secondly, they all drive around the city to pass the time in Cameron's father's car, getting into all kinds of crazy hijinks. Watching the movie the for the first time, it can seem like that is all there is to it, but it has many layers and life-affirming scenes and messages, with the character of Cameron played by Alan Ruck, who some critics thought deserved an Oscar Nomination for his role, truly blossoming into his own, grabbing life by the horns. With summer there is always the chance of periods of heavy rain and deafening thunder. In case of those dreary days, instead of just scrolling your social media apps having to see what your friends are doing in places with better weather, stay right here and find something to stream! With our 100s of top lists, you are sure to find a great movie or TV series to brighten your grey day. is the best place to find what to watch and where to watch on your favorite streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO. Instead of letting the weather ruin your day, check out the movies on this list to keep the summer alive.
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