The Big Bang Theory (2007)


The Big Bang Theory (2007)

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Back in 2007 we saw the premiere of a groundbreaking nerd-comedy sitcom that would bring a new style of comedy to the broader public. The type of geeky humor found in "The Big Bang Theory" had not previously been seen on TV. The TV series would serve as a breakthrough for the main cast. Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, and Kaley Cuoco are the main protagonists in the roles of Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny respectively. In part with them are friends Howard and Rajesh played by Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar. The TV series starts with Penny moving in across roommates Leonard and Sheldon in Pasadena, California. An aspiring actress from Nebraska, she works as a waitress and bartender at a local diner. Leonard, an experimental physicist who enjoys comic books and Dungeon & Dragons instantly becomes infatuated with Penny. Sheldon Cooper, however, is at most mildly annoyed by her. He works with Leonard at the University and has extremely particular daily rituals and must have his way.  Their friend Howard, however, lives at home with his mom. An astrophysicist at the University, he and Rajesh frequently hang out at Leonard and Sheldon's place to play video games or watch TV series. Commonly seen in most sit-coms, “The Big Bang Theory” has a whole bunch of catch-phrases and running gags, as does many of Chuck Lorre's other creations. A few examples of Sheldon's are his "Bazinga!" and that only he can sit to the right on the sofa. Howard frequently has screaming bouts with his mother off-screen, usually about embarrassing things about his private life. Howard presents himself as a bit of a lady’s man, but it is his friend Rajesh who, after having a little bit to drink, is the real smooth talker. Though the truth is that he gets mute in the presence of women, and the drink works as a potion. Throughout the 12 seasons now available for streaming, the show saw numerous guest stars doing small cameo roles. Prominent scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, inventor Elon Musk and popular 'science guy' Bill Nye, Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher. The list of guest actors on the show is long - Billy Bob Thornton, Judy Greer, Eliza Dushku, Michael Rapaport, Leonard Nimoy, Jake McBrayer, and more. It's no doubt the CBS sitcom was hugely influential.  You can't talk about "Big Bang Theory" without the opening theme start playing automatically in your head. The band Barenaked Ladies wrote the song exclusively for the hit TV series. Anyone who was seen just a handful of episodes will know the lyrics to the catchy intro song, incorporating science themes. "The Big Bang Theory" ran from 2007 and met a sweet conclusion in 2019. Two years before the finale, "Young Sheldon" premiered. A prequel following Sheldon Cooper as a child prodigy, narrated by the actor Jim Parsons. If you are a 'Big Bang' fan, you can't miss the spinoff! Use to check out where to watch both shows, and what to watch next. We have "The Big Bang Theory" featured in a dozen lists on our site, such as 'More Series to Watch If You Liked Friends' and 'George R.R. Martin’s Favorite Movies and Series', and you shouldn't question the "Game of Thrones" writer! All the TV series and movies we have on the site will have direct links to where to watch them on online streaming platforms if available. We support all the popular streaming sites, like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and iTunes! Use the Share button to recommend your friends and family!
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