SummerADDE ́s Transport Adventures!

SummerADDE ́s Transport Adventures!

Welcome to SummerADDE Network´s channel about Elevators, trains & Transportation in general.

I live and my films are based in Stockholm, Sweden!
I generally like older trains and elevators. I am not so much into design but I am attached to noises and sounds, and am very technically intrested, so I am much into mechanical aspects of elevators, like how they work and do! I am a proffessional educated elevator Tech but I am not employed as such right now!
Favorite brand: DEVE (Swedish)

Exept a video monday-friday at 8.00 AM (UTC) / 15.00 (EST) - but not always!

----------------- - ©2010- 2017 Andreas Ulvebring.

All my work are not allowed to be used in any way without my permission!

Altough I am trying my best on my work, it is not allways 100% accurate. some inaccurate information may appear in my videos.

Du får kommunicera med mig i de skandinaviska språken!
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