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Free Solo

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If you thought rock climbing was scary, wait until you watch this documentary about free climbing. In 2018, the documentary "Free Solo" premiered, following Alex Honnold as he attempts to be the first person to free solo climb the 915-meter high wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California. The film crew was all experienced rock climbers, but their greatest challenge with making this documentary movie was to avoid disturbing or making Alex lose focus during his ascent to the top. This staggering daredevil feat was awarded an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2019, which is absolutely a correct choice. As we follow this real-life event of something form an action movie, the watcher is part of the filming crew who follow Honnold up the rock face. Although they have safety equipment, just the sheer thought he does not is heart-racing. What if he falls? The possibility of that happening is greater than that he would finish his free-solo attempt.  To complete such a feat of strength, you need perfection or else death awaits. At this level of climbing, the failure rate is 80-90%. The hold just right on a bulge, your knee at the correct angle, your foot must be precisely placed, or else the body's tension will falter. Filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin are both highly experienced climbers themselves and have made a documentary before in the same vein as "Free Solo".  In 2015 the documentary "Meru" won the U.S. Audience Award at Sundance. A movie chronicling the first ascent of a certain route of the Meru Peak in Indian Himalayas. Though not a free-solo endeavor like they would encounter in their next production. If this type of mind-numbing documentary is too much for you, there are hundreds of more mellow movies available for streaming through We provide easy-to-use and completely ads-free top-lists and recommendations for your every interest. We aim to answer the questions 'what to watch?' and 'where to watch?' We support all the best streaming services such as iTunes, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime. Check out the best of sports documentaries, best of 2020, or just the best of all time! In "Free Solo" we follow this super-human attempt of achieving the impossible, one could say it would be the pinnacle of human strength and what we are capable of as a species to accomplish. Although Alex Honnold is an extraordinary person in that regard, it comes with consequences away from the mountain. While the viewer is on the edge of their seat in front of the TV, his friends and family are in distress. His obsession is tearing his relationship with his girlfriend apart and everyone close to him is in complete agony, fearing, or rather expecting the worst possible. Alex Honnold is not a man who is easy to open up. He is often withdrawn while his girlfriend’s obviously want him to open up. When asked why he wants to or needs to go through with this, he compares himself to a samurai. Just as this is as thrilling as the most intense action movie, it is also extremely fascinating to witness what the human body is capable of. Equally terrifying and astonishing you are constantly on the edge of your seat during this whole movie. Watch it now with the help of With our direct links to every streaming site that offers "Free Solo" for instant online streaming, it is as easy as climbing a ladder, rather than a 900-meter high rock face.
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