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Best of Thriller

Are you in the mood for tension and excitement? Want to get your senses tingled with quality thrillers? We have got you covered! With all the popular streaming services conveniently linked on every movie and TV series page, you can easily get started right away with classics or the latest blockbusters, whether it is on Netflix, iTunes or HBO! Of course, here at Film And TV, we understand it can be a drag finding something new to watch, especially if you are a big TV watcher like us. With our 100’s of top lists ranging from must-watch movies from 2019 on Netflix or the greatest picks for a rainy afternoon on Amazon Prime, you will surely find what you are searching for. To get you started you can check out these excellent thrillers for streaming just a few clicks away, such as the film adaptation of the suspicious story of ”Gone Girl” with its brooding romantic suspense, the film-noir mystery in Hitchcock’s classic ”Vertigo” who defined the genre, or the strange events taking place in a small town in Minnesota in the acclaimed TV series ”Fargo” based on the cult movie with the same name. Craving more horror? In Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” he excels in modernizing the genre with his psychological thriller in an excellent way, as does 2018’s ”Hereditary” but with a healthy dose of terrifying horror, all handily available for streaming online in HD through our website and are sure to leave you exhilarated craving for more. However, if you want to watch newer, critically acclaimed movies then you should immediately take a look at the anxiety-inducing hidden gem of 2019, “Uncut Gems”, and the 3 times Academy Award-winning film “Parasite” by Korean director Bong Joon-ho. In search of something weirder? Natalie Portman’s now-iconic performance in Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” from 2010 will for sure make you feel completely mesmerized by its ballet drenched in surrealism. Didn’t any of these titles satisfy you? No worries! Feel free to take a look at the several 100’s of lists below. Choose between topics depending on your mood, interest or genre preference, or just check out the latest Golden Globe, Emmy or Oscar winners! With our linked streaming content, you can feel safe you will find what you are looking for in a quick, easy-to-use manner. So, get ready for an evening of shock, betrayal, love and plot twists! In light of the vast streaming content available online, Film and TV offer an easy solution to find thriller movies and TV series readily available at popular streaming services such as HBO, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others. They are frequently providing new and exciting content for you to check out and with our help, you will find what you need for a suspenseful evening in HD and ad-free! Make sure to create your own top 10 list of the most enticing thriller and share with your thrill-seeking friends and family.
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Classic TV: Start Time

Viasat Film Hits
20:00 The Hurt Locker
Amerikansk action från 2008
21:00 Hajen
Amerikansk skräck från 1975
Kanal 5
21:00 The Book of Henry
Susan uppfostrar två söner på egen hand på en servitrislön. Sonen Henry har kunskaper och förståelse långt över sina elva år och när det blir uppenbart att hans förälskelse grannflickan Christina far illa dras Susan in i en mörk hemlighet och beslutar sig för att rädda flickan med hjälp instruktionerna i Henrys röda lilla anteckningsbok.
21:00 Morden i Midsomer
Brittisk deckarserie från 2013
TV4 Guld
21:00 MacGyver
Mac och Jack måste frita en miljardärsson i en skyskrapa i Shanghai.
C More SF-Kanalen
21:00 Noll tolerans
Svensk actionthriller från 1999 med Jakob Eklund.