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Best of Mystery

Want to hear a riddle? Or wrap your mind around a difficult puzzle? Though, since you are here you probably just want to sit back and watch other people solve a complex labyrinth of mystery. Mystery films are usually packed with suspenseful music, plot twists, strange villains and persistent investigators, and have a wide range of intertwined genres such as crime, drama, sci-fi, thriller, and horror. So, we suggest that you grab your magnifying glass and look for our ready-made lists with hundreds of mystery-shrouded films and TV series available for streaming in HD and completely ads-free on trusted streaming providers such as Netflix, HBO, iTunes, and Amazon Prime! The mystery genre in cinema dates back to the dawn of the medium with Sherlock Holmes stepping out on the big screen. Since then, Holmes has been portrayed on the silver-screen over 200 times. That fact alone tells us that we can't say no to a good mystery story. Today, the mystery genre isn't losing in popularity, quite the contrary, with the true crime-wave soaring in recent times the demand is higher than ever, both fiction and documentary. Now you might be thinking: “But what should I watch? Everything nowadays is a crime-mystery!” True, but not really. This is where we come in. At least with the first part. With our lists, there is no need for concern about what or where you can watch the great mystery classics or the latest crime thriller available for online streaming. Browse through our free-to-use and ads-free lists with the best-of-the-best mystery titles available on all the popular online streaming sites! Just to get your mind going and prepare you for an evening of mystery and whodunit, maybe we can tempt you with a few examples of what we have ready for immediate streaming through Jean-Pierre Melville is best known for making low-key film noirs, many of them becoming classics within the nouvelle-vague category of movies. One of these is the 1967 “Le Samouraï” starring the incredibly famous actor Alain Delon in the role of the hitman Jef Costello. It starts the day after Delon’s character who lives by the strict code of the samuraï, having carried out a perfectly planned assassination. Even with an impenetrable alibi, the investigator refuses to stop chasing the Parisian rōnin as his main suspect. Melville masterfully slices up the classic cat-and-mouse movie and stuffs it with ‘60s French imagery, with Alain Delon wearing the armor of raincoat-and-fedora in his break-out role. In case you are in the mood to watch a TV series, wrapped in layers of mystery, then “Twin Peaks” will not leave you disappointed. Having had success with “The Elephant Man” and “Blue Velvet”, David Lynch developed the series with Mark Frost, set to premiere in 1990. The mystery plays out in the small community of Twin Peaks, a high-school girl is discovered dead in a river. The Sherriff Harry Truman is called in to investigate together with a local doctor who identifies the victim as the homecoming queen. Shortly after, a second girl is found wandering around in a confused state along the train tracks. The series doesn't really start until FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, a fan-favorite character played by Kyle MacLachlan, enters the town to lead the investigation of the mysterious murder that took place. Now a cult show, it would go on for one more season and a movie in the following years. Fans were greatly surprised when it was announced the series would return for one season in 2017 subtitled “The Return”. If it’s a mystery you want, as said, “Twin Peaks” will satisfy you for many hours to come. However, if it’s not for you, we have much more content for you to check out, free for you to check out and without ads! Just below we have gathered all the best titles from trusted streaming sources such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and iTunes for you to check out! Of course, you should also create a list of all your favorite mystery titles and share them with friends and families!
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Classic TV: Start Time

C More SF-Kanalen
18:50 Gossip
Svenskt drama från 2000 med Pernilla August och Helena Bergström.
Travel Channel
19:20 Expedition Unknown
Josh Gates beger sig in i de mystiska molnskogarna i Ecuadors avlägsna högland i sökande efter den allsmäktiga mumien från den sista inkakungen, Atahualpa.
19:55 Mord i paradiset
Reggae-bandet "Leon and the Ragers" ska spela på ön, men gitarristen Billy hittas död inuti ett låst rum efter att ha kontaktat Patterson angående ett olöst mord på sin fru 30 år tidigare.
Investigation Discovery
20:00 Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall
En ung kvinna utsätts för sexuella övergrepp på en fest. Tjugo år senare får hon ett brev som kan leda till att förövaren grips.
Investigation Discovery
21:00 The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade
År 1987 hittas domaren Vincent Sherry och hans fru mördade i sitt hem. Deras dotter inleder ett sökande efter mördaren som kommer att pågå i ett årtionde.
21:00 Morden i Midsomer
Brittisk deckarserie från 2013
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