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Do you need help to occupy your little ones for a bit so you can get some work done? It’s always good to have a reliable source for kids shows and movies as you never know when you might need to babysit for a few hours. Here on, we support all the popular streaming services, iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and others featuring the latest content from 2019 and 2020, all to make your life easier in those stressful situations. You might be wondering how we are going to help you on this page. Well, imagine this; You’ve got candy, snacks, and drinks ready to settle in for a cozy weekend evening. Now all that is left is to find a movie all of you can enjoy together. You search every streaming service, up and down, page after page. You can't seem to find anything to see. The soda is getting warmer and patience is expiring. What if there was a solution for this tiring part of the evening? Well, now here it is! Using you will save hours and avoid the headache. We have collected a great number of lists with the perfect shows and movies that the little ones will love. In the lists, you can only choose between the best kids and family movies currently available for instant streaming. With lists such as The 49 Best Kids’ Movies To Watch As a Family, or 89 Incredibly Wonderful Movies You Need To Watch With Your Kids we are sure you will have a fun evening with the whole family. Using our lists is free and you will not see any ads whatsoever. You can sort and filter the list of your choice to narrow the search result. Some examples of kids TV and movies that are a safe bet are the favorites "Peppa Pig", "Dora The Explorer", and the loved-by-all Disney Pixar movies "Frozen" and the "Toy Story" series. Here you already have many hours of good entertainment. When you settle in a title you all want to see, you just simply click on the Play button on the site to start watching on the streaming platform of your are subscribed to. Another great service we offer is that you can create lists by yourself. Add titles of movies and TV series you and your family love and be ready for the next movie night. A smart idea is to have one list only with TV series your kids can watch when you need a few extra minutes to cook or do house chores. Remember to share best your lists with your family friends who might be in a similar situation to help them out.
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Classic TV: Start Time

Disney Junior
19:00 Sofia den första: De mystiska öarna
Sofia börjar sin träning för att bli beskyddare.
21:45 Victorious
Rex blir allvarligt skadad när Tori försöker att skapa en tornado till en pjäs som Andre och Robbie är med i. Tori, Jade och Cat tar Rex till sjukhuset och bestämmer att död Rex för Robbies skull.
Disney Channel
01:50 Violetta
Avsnitt 8: Ludmila utmanar Violetta på en musikalisk duell. Tomas berättar för Violetta att han också vill plugga på Studio 21, och tror att hon ska bli glad. Men Violetta har sett en video med honom som hon inte gillar…
Nick JR
02:00 Top Wing
Brody och Penny måste rädda Brodys vänner som fastnat i en grotta. // Kadetterna arbetar en dag i Citronhyddan.
Nick Toons
02:10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Medan de är ute och letar efter mutagenbehållare så hittar Sköldpaddorna en muterad ekorre de tar hem till lyan. När den börjar multiplicera sig så tvingas bröderna jaga och fånga in ekorr-mutanterna innan de når ytan och staden.
Nick JR
02:15 Greta Gris
Greta har vattkoppor och måste ligga till sängs tills hon blir bättre. Första avsnittet med doktor Björn och mamma Får.
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