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Best of Fantasy

Are you a big fantasy buff? Want to re-watch the Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time? Maybe you have never seen the trilogy but got a hankering for more fantasy after "Game of Thrones". No matter if you are a novice or a lifelong fantasy lover you will find the best movies and TV shows here, without ads, available for streaming just one click away using our site. We support all the best and popular providers, iTunes, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime and all others. We at love fantasy movies. Dragons, elves, orcs, undead, magic, and wizards. Swords and bows. Good and evil. The worlds within worlds give a feeling anything is possible, and it is. There is so much to explore and learn, new languages and worlds. The fantasy genre makes anything possible and the only limit is one’s imagination. With the inspiration mostly coming from medieval times, it combines the common themes with traditional myths and folklore, such as Vikings, big castles and tales of magical creatures living in the forests with real-world elements, making it appeal to everyone. On this page, you will find everything you need for an evening full of fantasy and adventure. With our fantasy lists, full of the best movies and TV series the genre has to offer, there is no need to leave the comfort of your couch and cozy blanket. The Best Of lists below are free to use and have zero ads to disturb you while choosing your new adventure into the magic world of fantasy. Sit back and relax and let us do the hard work! How we help you? As we all know, the fantasy movie genre is vast, much more than screaming orcs and sword-wielding knights. Before the Lord of the Rings became a world-wide phenomenon in 2001, the fantasy genre was more obscure and not as popular with the mainstream audience. One of those fantasy movies is “Labyrinth”. Starring the late artist David Bowie in one of his few acting roles. In this cult classic, he plays Jareth, the Goblin King. A young Jennifer Connelly plays Sarah, who has to babysit her brother yet another weekend. Tired of his crying and screaming, she wishes he would be taken by the goblins. Suddenly, Bowie appears in the living room and grants her wish. Immediately regretting it, her brother is taken away by him, and the only way to save her brother is to solve the King's labyrinth within 13 hours. The musical-fantasy features common fantasy traits, such as an anthropomorphic fox and magical juggling and dancing and tricks. A must-watch for fantasy geeks and Bowie fans alike, who also wrote some of the songs for the soundtrack. A different, more modern-surreal take on the fantasy movie is “Being John Malkovich”. In director Spike Jonze’s debut, John Cusack plays a puppeteer. Working as a file clerk as his day job, he discovers a door in the filing room. Walking through the door, he finds himself inside the mind of actor John Malkovich. He learns how to control Malkovich with his puppeteering skills, who is growing more and more paranoid something is controlling him. All that said, you might ask what we can offer? Well, almost everything you expect from the Fantasy genre! These films and hundreds of others are available for streaming online and by using, you can easily find where to watch them all! Our lists are easy to navigate and always updating. Our lists have many different topics, such as Best Fantasy Movies of All Time or Top 19 Sci-fi Fantasy Movies of 2018, so make sure to take a look at them to find the movie or TV Series you want. You should also create a list using our site. Compile your favorite fantasy films or make a to-watch list for the future and remember to share it with your friends!
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Classic TV: Start Time

01:55 Transformers: De besegrades hämnd
Amerikansk science fiction-film från 2009.
02:00 Transformers: De besegrades hämnd
Amerikansk science fiction-film från 2009.
Viasat Series
02:10 Grimm
Ett mystiskt mord inne i skogen får Nick och Hank att återuppta en brottsutredning som sedan länge är avbruten. Nick har onda aningar om den misstänkte.
Kanal 9
02:55 The Walking Dead
Ursprunget till Alpha och Beta avslöjas i en tillbakablick. Alpha försöker hjälpa Lydia att förbereda sig för resan med de döda.
C More Stars
03:45 Teen Spirit
Brittiskt drama från 2018 med Elle Fanning och Rebecca Hall.
Viasat Film Premiere
05:00 Yesterday
Amerikansk komedi från 2019