Best of Drama

Best of Drama

Don’t we all need a little drama in our lives? Without drama wouldn’t everything be bland? No tension, no fighting, no crying, no screaming fights, no passion, no love or hate. But being in the middle of it all the time would be unpleasant, so it’s much more fun to watch and follow others involved. With our help, you can enjoy as much drama as you can handle! Certainly, the drama is the cornerstone of any TV show or movie, we can all agree on that. No drama, no movie. But when it comes to drama-drama, we in know and love. However, with so much content to choose, it is not easy to find the best ones. Don’t worry, we have the solution! With almost 30 lists present on our site filled with only the best available series and films, ready for streaming on reliable platforms such as Netflix, HBO, iTunes, and Amazon Prime, we have precisely what you should watch. We will guide you through the best-of-the-best with the help of top lists such as Top 100 Drama Movies of All Time, The Greatest Drama Series (updated 2020) or the Top 20 Best-Directed Drama Series of the 21 Century. One of those drama shows premiered in 2007. Set in 1960’s New York City, “Mad Men” was to be a big success. Gaining a cult following during its eight years run, the majority of the cast went from unknowns to stars, seemingly over-night. One of those actors is Elisabeth Moss, now the lead actress in the hugely successful "The Handmaids Tale". With the aesthetic of 60’s New York having a major presence in the show, the center of the story is Jon Hamm’s character, Don Draper, and the advertisement firm of which he is co-owner of. Chain-smoking and always a drink in hand, he is the best man at what he does professionally. In private, he has a lot more problems. An unstable marriage, being an absent father from his two children, a workaholic, a serial cheater, and a mysterious past makes Draper a very fascinating character, which is where the show's main strength lies. Other strong themes being the writing of the episodes, which makes each one feel like a stand-alone short film, but still being significant to the story. Another thing is the relationships and interactions in the series, both heart-warming or bone-chilling, it makes one of the best character-driven drama of the 2000s. This timeless classic is still relatable and an influential piece of modern TV history, it is no surprise it won the hearts of millions upon its premiere. With our site, you can easily watch “Mad Men” and 100s of other great drama movies and TV shows. By simply going to the titles page here on, you can pick a streaming provider of your choice where it is available for streaming. To start watching you are always just a click away. We will link you to reliable streaming platforms where you have an account on and you can stream the greatest drama movies and shows legally online. With the seamless access to stream your favorite drama shows and films, combined with our lists showing the latest series and movies and what is trending, you will have no problem finding great TV. Look through our ads-free lists and pick your favorite movie or watch something brand new! Remember to create a list with your top dramas and share them with your friends and have them share theirs with you!
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Classic TV: Start Time

15:55 Morden i Midsomer
Barnaby och Winters upptäcker flera möjliga motiv när en vinnare av ett eftertraktat musikpris hittas strypt av en fiolsträng minuter innan ett uppträdande.
Viasat Film Hits
16:00 The Favourite
Brittisk komedi från 2018
C More Stars
16:30 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
Amerikansk musikal från 2018 med Amanda Seyfried och Meryl Streep.
17:00 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Kvinnorna samlas för att tala igenom oförätter, men när Lisa Vanderpump inte dyker upp blir Kyle som galen. En emotionell Denise reflekterar över året och hennes kommentarer triggar Camilles vrede.
C More Series
17:00 Friday Night Lights
När en tornado slår till mot en grannskola välkomnar Eric motvilligt de strandsatta eleverna till sina träningslokaler. Tami och Julie försöker vänja sig vid att ha Tim som inneboende och Lylas mamma är på väg att gifta om sig.
C More First
17:00 Mig äger ingen
Svenskt drama från 2013 med Mikael Persbrandt i huvudrollen.