Best of Crime

Best of Crime

Love to watch a couple of thieves breaking into a bank vault and filling bags with money? We have what you are looking for! Here you will find all the noir, heist, detective and mafia movies and TV shows you need. Check out the lists below and find your new favorite movie or series available for streaming on trusted platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO! We agree with you that there is nothing better than stocking up with a bunch of snacks and drinks on the sofa and settling in to watch a new crime show. Though, with the crime genre being more popular than ever, it can feel like an overwhelming task to pick and choose among all the titles. Sometimes we wish we could watch everything at the same time, but unfortunately, it is not a good way to enjoy a thrilling crime story. But here on, we provide you with the tools to choose between the best of the best in an easy-to-use manner. With over 25 lists divided into separate categories depending on your mood, we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s film-noir classics or the latest cop shows. How we are going to help you? let's take 'The Sopranos' as an example. Set against a canvas of organized crime, New Jersey mobster boss Tony Soprano struggles to keep his family and criminal life together, as he battles frequent panic attacks with the help from his psychiatrist. It is known as one of the greatest TV-shows of all-time and can still attract new fans while older ones keep re-watching it. This is a perfect crime movie that you want to watch but have a problem finding where to stream it. Here is where we can help you save time by simply linking you to where to watch this modern classic online. How else you can use When you do not know what to watch on a specific streaming service that you have we can provide the best to watch for you in a click. You can browse through our Crime Top lists for Netflix, HBO Nordic and... You might choose Scorsese’s neo-noir “Taxi Driver” in which Robert DeNiro is an anti-hero suffering from insomnia and trauma from Vietnam. While a night-time cab driver, he grows disgusted by the decadence and decay on the street of post-war New York City. To help clean up the streets, he decides to save a young prostitute from the filth with violent action. Or you can get more info on what spawned the term “Rififi coup” is the French heist film “Rififi”, released in 1955. A bande des quatre is planning to perform a burglary of an exclusive jewelry boutique armed with a state-of-the-art alarm system. The climax of the film is now seen as iconic within the heist genre. Or maybe you want to watch the latest crime movies of 2019 or 2020? In 2019, Scorsese released the Oscar-nominated “The Irishman” for streaming on Netflix, starring familiar actors who have worked with him for decades. According to film critics, it was his return to form. All of these films and series are easily available on the reliable online streaming services you are familiar with. Feel free to go through our lists, click on the movie of your choice and we provide a direct link for it to be streamed where it is currently available! Easy, huh? We support all of the best streaming services like HBO nordic, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes and even best Crime videos on YouTube or shows on Classic TV and Movies in Cinema. Speaking of lists, create your best-of crime movies or TV series lists and share with friends and family! What are you waiting for? Cozy up with snacks and candy and follow the corrupt policeman as he is working for both sides, every minute inching closer to getting caught while you pull up the blanket to cover your eyes, asking your partner what is happening on the screen.
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Classic TV: Start Time

TV4 Film
21:00 Wallander
Pontus hamnar i fara.
TV4 Guld
21:00 MacGyver
Mac och Jack måste frita en miljardärsson i en skyskrapa i Shanghai.
Kanal 5
21:00 The Book of Henry
Susan uppfostrar två söner på egen hand på en servitrislön. Sonen Henry har kunskaper och förståelse långt över sina elva år och när det blir uppenbart att hans förälskelse grannflickan Christina far illa dras Susan in i en mörk hemlighet och beslutar sig för att rädda flickan med hjälp instruktionerna i Henrys röda lilla anteckningsbok.
Investigation Discovery
21:00 The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade
År 1987 hittas domaren Vincent Sherry och hans fru mördade i sitt hem. Deras dotter inleder ett sökande efter mördaren som kommer att pågå i ett årtionde.
21:00 Trolljägarna
Robert Aschberg och Frida Boisen granskar fildelningssajten Volafile – där tusentals nakenbilder laddats upp på tjejer utan deras vetskap eller samtycke.
C More SF-Kanalen
21:00 Noll tolerans
Svensk actionthriller från 1999 med Jakob Eklund.
Most Liked VideosLikes
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