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Are you an adventure genre fan desperately looking for a movie or series to watch? Or just a viewer who wants more excitement on your television? Well, you're in luck, because we made the ultimate guid for you to find the best of adventure. From “Vikings” to “Pirates of the Caribbean” and many more critically acclaimed TV shows, trendy films and popular clips, on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Nordic, YouTube and all others. The adventure movie genre is defined as a remarkable or unexpected journey, experience, or event that a person participates in as a result of chance. Also, adventures usually includes dangerous situations, narrow escapes, problems to be solved through intelligence and skill, exotic people and places, and brave deeds. Considering this we see that the streaming providers are constantly providing new films and shows in this genre and it is not always easy to find what to watch and where to find it. Here, we help you discover the top adventure movies and TV programme and link you to stream them on a reliable HD platform that you have already have subscribed on. You can choose your new favourite from • More than 16 top-lists (daily updated) • All the new high-rated series with latest episodes and seasons in 2020 • All the new high-rated movies • What’s popular and trending in this genre • All the most liked romance clips on YouTubes or just watch on Classic TV right now• Our service is free to use, No ads. Do not forget to share this gem with your fiends and family!
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Classic TV: Start Time

Viasat Film Premiere
01:10 Ad Astra
Amerikansk äventyr från 2019
01:55 Transformers: De besegrades hämnd
Amerikansk science fiction-film från 2009.
02:00 NCIS: Los Angeles
Teamet utreder ett potentiellt terrorhot efter att logistikchefen på en militär vapenstation kollapsar på jobbet. Deeks och Kensi letar efter destinationer för sin bröllopsresan.
Viasat Film Action
02:00 The Predator
Amerikansk action från 2018
02:00 Transformers: De besegrades hämnd
Amerikansk science fiction-film från 2009.
02:05 Ice Road Truckers
Hugh stjäl en förare från konkurrerande firman Polar Industries.
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