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Get the adrenaline pumping and watch the best of action movies, series & videos with links to where to watch them online. Including martial arts, action comedies, spy thrillers, and many more critically acclaimed TV shows, trendy films and popular clips, on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Nordic, YouTube, and all others. The streaming providers are constantly providing new films and shows covering a wide variety of topics in the action genre and it is not always easy to find what to watch and where to find it. Here, we guide you discover the top action movies and TV program and link you to stream them on a reliable HD platform that you have already subscribed to. You can choose your new favorite from • More than 26 top-lists (ranked & daily updated) • All the new high-rated series with latest episodes and seasons in 2020 • All the new high-rated movies of 2020 • What’s popular and trending in this genre • All the most liked documentary clips on YouTubes or just watch on Swedish Classic TV • Our service is free to use we do not who you any ads.
This is how we defined the action genre on The action film genre began to expand in the 1970s along with the rise of stunts and special effects. this genre includes a series of events that typically have brutality, extended struggle, physical actions, and furious chases. Action movies tend to feature a villain and a clever hero fighting against unbelievable odds, which involve life-threatening circumstances and unrealistic, highly unbelievable situations but usually ends in triumph for the hero. Common action scenes in films are frequently, but not limited to, explosions, car chases, fistfights, and shootouts. Do not forget to share this gem with your friends and family! Enjoy :)...Show more

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The Best Action Movies Ever & Where to Watch them (2020)

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Classic TV: Start Time

Viasat Film Action
18:00 Red
Amerikansk action från 2010
18:00 Scorpion
När team Scorpion är på uppdrag för att hitta försvunna vandrare kraschar deras helikopter, och det börjar brinna.
Viasat Series
18:30 Chicago P.D.
En skåpbil exploderar under en festival, varpå den muslimske polisen Frank Toma försvinner. Bevisen pekar på att han varit involverad i attentatet.
19:00 Highway Thru Hell
I ett försök att bygga vidare på den riskabla chansning att expandera sin räddningstjänst, tar sig Jamie Davis nu an nya vägar och stöter på större vrak än någonsin tidigare.
Viasat Film Premiere
19:00 Tomb Raider
Amerikansk action från 2018
Viasat Series
19:15 Chicago Fire
Bevismaterial hittas efter en vanlig husbrand. Nu måste polisen kallas in. Samtidigt tar Mills sig en funderare vad gäller ett uppdrag som måste utföras på hans fritid.