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Dickie Moore

Date of Birth: 12 September 1925, Los Angeles, California, USA Date of Death: 7 September 2015, Connecticut, USA Dickie Moore made his acting and screen debut at the age of 18 months in the John Barrymore film The Beloved Rogue (1927); and by the time he had turned 10, he was a popular child star and had appeared in 52 films. He continued as a child star for many more years, and became the answer to the trivia question, "Who was the first actor to kiss Shirley Temple on screen?" when that honor was bestowed upon him in 1942's Miss Annie Rooney (1942). As with many child actors, once Dickie got older the roles began to dry up. He made his last film in 1950, but was still in the public eye with the 1949 to 1955 TV series Captain Video and His Video Rangers (1949). He then retired from acting for a new career in publicity.
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Dickie Moore