About us


FILMANDTV.com is a combination of a Search Engine, a Guide and a Social Platform that helps people discover, share and support great Movies, Series, Shows, and Videos.

Our goal is to make "What to watch & Where to find it” super-fast and super-simple. You can find something excellent to watch and get started watching in less than 30 seconds.

Our website is 100% designed for mobile usage and covers Movies & Series, PlayTV, Youtube, Vimeo, Linear TV Schedule, and Cinema.

Our long time goal is to radically change the film and TV industry and create a healthier ecosystem by empowering the viewers. Making the viewer the boss, letting the viewer build their own personal Film &TV feed and share it with friends and family.

Today, on average, people spend 6 hours per week searching for what to watch, yet most often can’t find anything good to stream so they just go for what is advertised by mainstream media and streaming services which are usually given by wired algorithms.

We created a legal platform with independent users in charge without any tradeoffs.

In short - FILMANDTV.com is a hybrid between a search engine specially made for Film, TV & Videos and a discovery feed that the user can customize based on personal preferences.

Our website is 100% designed for mobile usage and covers all streaming services (Movies & Series), PlayTV services, Youtube & Vimeo, Linear TV Schedule, and Cinema.

The service is totally free of charge (90% of FILMANDTV.com you do not even need to be logged in to use.) We do not display any ads (because people do not like ads). We do not sell our users' data. We want our users to take control of their personal information online and our ambition is to build a world-class service that users use daily and tell their friends about with full trust.